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When making sure your project is secure, it doesn't just mean keeping unwanted persons out. It is also important to have and maintain oversight of who is present on your project.

All access control solutions are now taken care of by IQ-Pass, the specialist department in this field of Boels Rental. Since 2008, IQ-Pass has grown to become a European market leader in access process management for industry, construction and for maritime and offshore projects.

Temporary and permanent access control up to complete access process management

LOLS10在线直播下注Sometimes, the solution for access control can be found in one product. At other times, IQ-Pass creates a complete access infrastructure from countless multiple inter-communicating technologies. A kind of Internet Of Things - intelligently controlled by our own access management software IQ-Soft.

Access process management

Intelligent access control solutions that save time and provide insight into everything that happens on your site.

Permanent access control

LOLS10在线直播下注Efficient and affordable solution for reliable access control and attendance registration.

Temporary access control

IQ-Soft enables the user to effectively process the identification and verification of visitors, paired with an authorisation system.

Traffic barriers

For every situation, IQ-Pass offers a custom traffic barrier solution with innovative control options.


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