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Project update "Flying Dutchman" at Madurodam, the Netherlands

LOLS10在线直播下注 5 questions to Reinier Lourens, Accountmanager Boels Rental.  

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5 questions about the Zutendaal bridge

An interview with Antoon Thewissen, depot manager Boels Genk (Belgium), about the Zutendaal bridge project. 

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Rent to save the climate

LOLS10在线直播下注 The 7 r’s of a circular economy The Paris Climate Change Agreement states the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. One way of achieving this goal is through circular economy. It is a broad concept, which can be explained best…

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Boels Rental takes 8th place in top 10 rental companies in the world

International Rental LOLS10在线直播下注 published its rankings of the 100 largest rental companies in the world. Boels Rental jumped into 8th position making the company the biggest riser of all. 

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Boels Rental Magazine 2020

The new 2020 edition of the Boels Rental magazine is out! Full with interesting background information, interviews with customers, inspiring project stories and the latest developments in the rental industry.

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Jan Piet Valk new CFO Boels Rental

LOLS10在线直播下注 Since April 2020 is Jan Piet Valk the new Chief Financial Officer of Boels, one of the largest rental equipment companies in Europe.

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5 reasons to rent equipment now

LOLS10在线直播下注 Measures against the spread of the coronavirus are extended throughout Europe. The virus puts us all for challenges, including the construction industry. The time is not ripe for large investments in, for example, new machinery. Renting, however, is the perfect…

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Everything you need for garden and landscaping maintenance

LOLS10在线直播下注 Boels has further expanded its range in gardening and landscaping equipment to also provide professional customers such as gardeners, landscapers and tree surgeons with the very best equipment. The new equipment meets every wish and requirement of professional customers who work…

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Announcement regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

To provide you with the best possible service taking in to consideration the health of our staff, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders, Boels Rental has implemented a number of measures to help to reduce the spreading of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).…

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The fuel of the future is called GTL

LOLS10在线直播下注 Boels is partner in the Shell GTL development project Boels currently fuels a large part of its machinery fleet with Gas To Liquid (GTL), a liquid fuel made from natural gas. GTL is a synthetic diesel that can replace regular…

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